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Countertops play an important role in your kitchen. Your lifestyle, budget, and

personal needs should be factors when choosing a countertop that is right for

you. As you search through the various types of countertops, you can see the

differences in quality, color, texture, and price. Irwin's offers several different

types of countertops: granite, quartz, solid surface, and laminates.

granite counters
Granite is classified by geologists as an igneous rock. Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling and crystallization of liquid rock material and as a result, have a distinctive texture and composition. The best known examples of igneous activity are volcanic extrusions, where the liquid rock material works its way to the surface, erupts from volcanic vents and cracks, and flows to the surface as lava. There are tremendous volumes of liquid rock that never make it to the surface, but remain trapped in the crust, where they slowly cool and solidify. Granite is the most common variety of this type of igneous rock. Granite and Marble have grown into the most popular choices for countertops in the country, maybe even the world. With the efficiency of cutting, shipping and fabricating the granite, prices for granite have never been lower. Granite consists of various patterns and colors giving it the look of natural stone. Granite is available in 2cm and 3 cm thickness and is polished and sealed to help protect and preserve its beauty.
Quartz countertops are made using natural quartz and a resin to create a natural looking surface similar to granite. The quartz countertops are nonporous, which means they are difficult to stain. The quartz is durable and resists both heat and scratches, similar to granite. The colors range from darks to whites and the patterns range from a small, tight pattern to a large, natural pattern similar to granite. We offer several brand names of quartz countertops.
Solid Surface
Most Solid Surface countertops combine two main ingredients: a natural mineral (the "filler") and a resin (the "binder"), along with various additives and natural materials. These are combined and then cast in a curing process that results in a sheet or a shape. This sheet is homogeneous, that is, the color pattern must be absolutely consistent throughout every part. Some brand name solid surface countertops are Staron, Corian, and Hi-Macs. These products are typically 1/2" thick with an applied edge and are siliconed to the base cabinets in your kitchen. Solid surface countertops offer a seamless installation, which means that when two or more pieces are seamed together, the seam is invisible. These products are also non-porous, which means that they do not stain.
Laminates are probably the most affordable type of countertop sold nationwide with a large selection of colors and an extremely competitive price. A laminate countertop consists of a high pressured laminate material that is applied to either plywood or particle board, which is mounted on top of the base cabinets in your kitchen. The two main manufacturers of laminate countertops are Formica and Wilsonart. The colors of laminate countertops vary from solid to patterned. Patterned colors consist of unique designs that add color and style to the countertop, such as speckled colors, slate designs, granite designs, and marble designs. Laminate countertop colors are much improved from the colors available 20 years ago.